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Boombox Speaker T-Shirt
  • Boombox Speaker T-Shirt

Boombox Speaker T-Shirt

It’s wired for sound

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    Boombox Speaker T-Shirt

    Flashing Equaliser

    Once upon a time, sharing your music with the masses meant using a boombox. And thanks to this stylish T-shirt it still does, because it features an ingenious built-in speaker and retro sound system motif.

    Guaranteed to transport you back to the clunktastic big button days of portable audio, the 100% cotton Boombox Speaker T-Shirt will blast out the tunes trapped within iPods or anything else with a headphone jack. It’s even got a graphic equalizer that lights up in time to the beat. We’ve heard of loud clothing but this is ridiculous!

    Boombox Speaker T-Shirt
    Perfect for music lovers keen to assault eardrums en masse, this noisy tee is a great way to announce your arrival in pubs, clubs and annual board meetings. ‘What’s that boss, you don’t like Napalm Death?’ You’ll need never worry about losing your portable speaker again. Unless you forget to put it on in the first place, in which case music will be the last thing on your mind. Crank it!

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