• BoomBucket


A bucketful of music

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    You usually associate buckets with sand castles, fried chicken and clowns, not high-quality sound systems. But all that's about to change thanks to the amazing-sounding BoomBucket Portable Speaker System.


    Designed to crank out the tunes in any weather

    This unorthodox-looking outdoor iPod speaker has been designed to crank out the tunes trapped inside your beloved player whilst sheltering it from the elements. It will even juice it up in the process. Powered by a rechargeable internal battery that delivers up to 8 hours of music on a single fix, the weather-resistant BoomBucket is perfect for parties, picnics and poolside discos - and those are just the activities beginning
    with P.


    Rock out on the beach!

    This curvaceous 21st century boombox might look a bit odd but its full range stereo speakers deliver rich, powerful sonics that totally embarrass pricier systems. Annoying the neighbours with those Scooch remixes has never been easier. Besides, buckets are specifically designed for ease of carriage, so it makes perfect sense to house a portable music system in one. Sort of.


    Select iPod model, dock it, secure lid and rock on!

    With its nifty locking transparent cover, the BoomBucket will shield your iPod from the sweatiest of headbanger whilst allowing you to view menus and screens with ease. Once docked, navigation is a doddle: simply scroll through your playlists and twiddle the volume using the BoomBucket's integrated buttons.


    Access iPod menus from the integrated buttons

    Aux in and out

    Ipod dock adapters

    Clearly designed with iPods in mind (poets and we know it), the BoomBucket comes with a 3.5mm jack, giving partygoers who refuse to worship the almighty iGods a brief moment of fame - especially when your guilty pleasures playlist begins to grate. They really have thought of everything.


    Whether you're rocking down the beach, partying in the park or fine-tuning your Steps routines in the bedroom, the BoomBucket is the ideal way to share your music with the world. Just grab it and go. Anything else is a pail imitation.

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