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Boom Box Touch Speaker
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Boom Box Touch Speaker

The Magic Touch

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  • Amplifies your device's sound without any wires or Bluetooth
  • Just place a phone or mp3 player on top
  • Blasts out 10 continuous hours of audio per charge
  • Ridiculously lightweight and portable
  • Compatible with any device which has an external speaker
  • Harnesses 'Near Field Audio' technology (magic)


Portable party speakers – everyone wants to have a piece of the action (selfishly enforce their own impeccable music tastes). But too often they're thwarted by an outdated iPod connector, a painful Bluetooth setup or a missing 3.5mm cable. You really need a speaker that plays nicely with all devices, you need the Boom Box Touch Speaker.

Just place your phone or mp3 player on top of this frankly magical speaker, and it's sound will instantly become amplified. No docks, no tangled cables, no iffy Bluetooth connections, nothing. We're not precisely sure how it works, but it harnesses a new wireless technology called 'Near Field Audio' (also known as witchcraft).

It's ludicrously lightweight and portable considering the powerful sound it produces; and thanks to the generous internal battery (re-charged via the included microUSB cable) you can blast out your favourite tunes for 10 hours so the party never stops.

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12 Reviews

Average 5/5 stars
  • "Wow this is amazing what the fuck have I been doing all my life?"
    Sergej - 27th of September, 2016
  • "The speaker is so lightweight and the quality of sound is impressive!"
    Laura - 6th of May, 2016
  • "It's a top notch speaker and £25 is a bargain. Would definitely recommend."
    Sam - 23rd of July, 2015
  • "Fantastic sound for such a compact speaker."
    Denise - 22nd of July, 2015
  • "Excellent, love it. Great sound, it's like magic."
    Annabelle - 29th of May, 2015