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BookBook for iPhone
  • BookBook for iPhone

BookBook for iPhone

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    scale and inside detail of case

    Easy access to touchscreen functions

    We’ve all been there – arriving at work with a spring in our step, only to discover we’ve completely forgotten to wear anything below the waist. Nightmare! Come to think of it, that was just a nightmare... but it’s all too easy to leave your house in a morning and forget your important stuff. Thankfully, at least when it comes to remembering your wallet and mobile phone, life just got a little bit easier.

    The BookBook for iPhone is a genuine leather case that not only protects your iPhone, but serves as a wallet too. With sections for credit cards, a clear window for your photo ID, and space to hold notes it has everything you need when you’re out and about.

    cables attached to iPhone

    Listen to music and sync while
    the BookBook is closed

    Your iPhone slots snugly into the specially-designed pouch, with the BookBook’s oversized hardback covers protecting it on both sides. Thanks to this classic design, all of your iPhone’s essential ports remain accessible. So you can use all of the iPhone’s functions and discreetly listen to your music with earphones.

    True to its name; when closed, the discreet case looks like a leather pocketbook – easy for would-be thieves to overlook and harking back to the days when we’d carry something similar for telephone numbers, addresses, notes and birthday reminders. Ah, how times change! Or not, as the case may be.

    With the classic looks of a well-thumbed tome and the functionality of a wallet and iPhone case combined; the BookBook is essential for those of us prone to leaving our lives in our other trousers. Now all you have to remember are your front door... *slam* keys.
    BookBook for iPhone

    All-in-one phone and card holder

    BookBook for iPhone

    Now also available in black

    Lifestyle card slots

    Space for your cards and cash too!

    More detail and specification