Summer Sale 2018
BookBook for iPad
  • BookBook for iPad

BookBook for iPad

What a novel case

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    This is the story of a poor little iPad that needed stylish protection from the bashes and bumps of every day use. One day an ingenious case/stand rode into town but it wasn’t like all the others. It was disguised as a vintage leather bound hardback book. The end.

    three colours

    Available in three colours. Brown, Red and Black


    You can even use the iPad camera without removing from BookBook

    Well not quite, because the gorgeously crafted BookBook for iPad is one of the classiest cases we’ve ever seen. Handmade in genuine soft-touch leather with a padded interior and dual zips, this stealthy case features a hard inner frame which, in conjunction with a sturdy spine, offers serious impact/crush protection. It also doubles up as a fully adjustable stand.

    A hand distressed cover means no two BookBooks are the same so each case really is a unique piece of work. Best of all, onlookers and potential thieves will think you’re a bookworm, not a complete iGeek. Brilliant. End of story
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