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Book Light

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Book Light
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  • Opens up to provide a full 360 degrees of light
  • Close and open the book to cycle through 5 colour modes
  • Emits a gentle glow, but bright enough to read or work by
  • Battery powered so you can take it anywhere
Fancy indulging in a bit of light reading?

Just open up the Book Light and the 'pages' fan out like a concertina to emit a gentle light that's strong enough to read or work by.

Forget everything you've learned about respecting books – bend the covers right back on themselves and a pair of concealed magnets joins them together to create a full 360 degrees of light.

There are 5 colours modes to choose from – simply open and close the book to cycle through each one. Best of all, because it's powered by 3x AAA batteries (sneakily inserted into the spine) you can take this light anywhere you please.

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  • "Rather exciting, it's for a Christmas present, and looks very cool. It needs a label on the front saying "Light Reading"..."
    Chloe - 27th of September, 2017