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Boogie Board Rip
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Boogie Board Rip


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    scribble animation

    Save your doodle!

    Scribbling down your ideas, lists, notes, thoughts and doodles on a touch-sensitive tablet is a great idea. Not only does it look seriously high-tech, it saves all that balled-up environmentally unfriendly paper. But until recently, paper still came out on top because you could save your pages and pages of notes and check back through them later. Well not for long! Enter, with an eco-friendly fanfare and serious tech press buzz, the next generation Boogie Board Rip.

    Fumbling about for pens, pencils and pads of paper simply won’t do in this day and age, especially when it means you are destroying trees and laying waste to entire forests, Avatar-style.

    close up of save button

    Hit save once you've finished
    your scribble

    Micro USB cable

    Connect to your computer via USB

    saves as pdf

    Open up a PDF of your handywork

    Just like it’s predecessor, the Boogie Board Paperless LCD Tablet, it’s perfect for scribbling messages, writing to-do lists, sketching digital graffiti, doing sums and drawing up mad professor-ish master plans. But with one clear difference – you can now save up to 100 pages of it, and even transfer your work to a Mac or PC! But we’re getting ahead of ourselves.

    This ludicrously lightweight, flexible electronic pad features a pressure-sensitive screen upon which you can write, doodle and sketch using the included stylus, your finger or anything else capable of applying the required pressure. The Boogie Board Rip is so responsive it can even conjure up lines of different thickness according to the pressure applied – just like paper and pen. Think of it as a pimped-up Etch-a-Sketch with a high-tech twist. When you need to erase your handiwork simply press the button, and it’s gone!

    side view

    Lightweight tablet

    But what if you want to save your work? Just hit the thoroughly pressable green button and it’ll archive your data for as long as you need it. The next time you’re near your Mac or PC just connect the micro USB cable and you’ll be able to pull off all the data to the computer. Clever, eh?

    We can almost hear the trees breathing a sigh of relief. Of course you could always continue scrawling your musings via quaint old paper and pen, but as a Firebox-perusing gadgeteer we expect so much more from you. Write on!

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