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Bombs Away
  • Bombs Away

Bombs Away

Shots of mass destruction

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    Bombs Away

    It's the bomb

    We’ve declared war on boring glassware, so run for cover because here comes our opening salvo. Bombs Away shot glasses incorporate a skilfully crafted bombshell design into double-walled borosilicate glass with a frosted interior finish. Which is a poncey way of saying the bit you pour the booze in is shaped like a bomb!

    Perfect for adding an explosive edge to your shot-downing shenanigans, Bombs Away glasses are brought to you by the creative geniuses over at Fred Worldwide, so you can be sure they are of the highest quality. What’s more, because each glass is double-walled, drinks will stay colder for longer.

    Bombs Away

    Mutually Assured Drinking

    Ideal for bellicose sounding drinks such as B52s, Cherry Bombs, Peppermint Blitzkriegs and Molotov–Ribbentrop Non-Aggression Pacts (okay, we made that one up) these eye-catching designer glasses really come into their own when you fill ‘em with colourful drinks because the bomb-shaped interior is accentuated to the max. Mmm…coffee coloured weapons of mass destruction!

    To add to the fun why not down your shots wearing a tin helmet and make that funny reverse whistle followed by a kaboom sound. We can’t guarantee any explosions but your head is sure to be booming the next day. Ooh, thank you, Mr Oppenheimer!

    Bombs Away

    Bombs away!

    Neatly packaged, there are two Bombs Away drinking vessels in every box, so you and a fellow bombardier can chink your glasses before bilaterally necking your shots and making peace before the end of the bottle. If only the superpowers had used these during their Cold War summits there wouldn’t have been so much trouble. ‘Up yours, Comrade Khrushchev!’

    Already creating a mushroom cloud of excitement down here in the Firebox bunker, Bombs Away glasses are set to explode on the drinking scene with devastating impact. The only thing you have to do is press the launch Buy button and duck. Kaboom!

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