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Wordsmiths rejoice!

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    Playing Boggle Flash

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    Along with Hangman, Scrabble and, erm, Countdown, Boggle has got to be one of the greatest word games ever created. But even bestselling classics can benefit from a 21st century reboot – and here it is in the unmistakably high-tech guise of Boggle Flash. W.O.W!

    Forget about boards, dice and sand timers because Boggle Flash consists of just five LCD tiles, each of which displays a random letter. The idea is to line up the tiles to spell out as many words as possible in 90 seconds. Y.I.K.E.S!

    Don’t worry about keeping score or arguing over words as you slide, swap and shuffle because clever recognition software within the tiles does it for you. At the end of each round simply join the tiles together and all of your correct words (from some or all of the tiles) are totted up to give a score. A.C.E. eh!

    The LCD screen The back of the Boggle Flash unit The travel box

    LCD screen

    The speaker and battery compartment

    Neat travel box!

    Example words in a Boggle Flash game

    Can you find any more?

    Believe us, things can get mighty R.O.W.D.Y. as you race to create new words. And because Boggle Flash’s internal dictionary is not as gullible as your opponents you can forget about trying to pass off dodgy words (‘Waddya mean, CHICO doesn’t count?). D.A.R.N.

    A brilliant hour cruncher on long journeys, Boggle Flash is fun for all the family and it’s so compact you can take it almost anywhere. Trouble is, it’s so knuckle-gnawingly addictive you won’t want to leave the ‘hsueo’. A.A.R.G.H!

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