Boe Jumpsuit Original
  • Boe Jumpsuit Original

Boe Jumpsuit Original


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    When it comes to loafing on the sofa and moseying about the house, nothing beats the Boe Jumpsuit Original. This grown-up reversible romper suit is made from soft jersey fabric on one side and snuggly fleece on the other – perfect for throwing over your PJs first thing in a morning or getting warm and cosy after a hard day’s work. It's even pretty handy when you're camping!

    Boe Jumpsuit Original

    (From L-R): Black/Pink and Black/Black

    So forget that shabby-looking dressing gown, leave your duvet in the bedroom and throw that nasty blanket away. The Boe Jumpsuit lets you stay comfy and warm whether you’re making breakfast, watching TV or running between tents late at night.

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