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    When your mouth is drier than a Death Valley Ryvita, nothing hits the spot like a glass of fresh water. Pour it from the tap though and it’ll have that nasty tang of chlorine. Well that might be ok for swimming pools, but we don’t like it on our tonsils. So before you knock it back, run it through a Bobble Jug.

    Bobble Jug in a vowl of water

    Soak the filter in water before use

    Pouring water into the Bobble Jug

    No need to wait for the water to filter through

    Replacing the filter on the Bobble Jug

    Easy to replace the filter

    The activated carbon filter in this snazzy-looking jug instantly removes the taste and odour of chlorine from your tap water. So it’s just as tasty as the expensive bottled stuff. What’s more, you’ll be doing your bit for the planet, because one carbon filter will make up to 150 litres of clean water. That’s as many as 300 of those lunchbox-sized bottles of mineral water that you’ll no longer need! We won’t even mention the savings...

    Bobble Jug: colours available

    Colours available (L-R): Pink, Green, Blue and Black

    Just pour your tap water into the top and the Bobble Jug will instantly filter it. So no hanging about when someone’s forgotten to top it up. And speaking of topping it up, the deceptively slim design will hold a whopping 2 litres at a time. And since the water is filtered as it’s poured in (and not when it’s poured out) you can whip off the colourful lid and use the jug on its own at the dinner table. ‘My, what refined taste you have!’

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