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Bobble Jug Replacement Filter
  • Bobble Jug Replacement Filter

Bobble Jug Replacement Filter

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    We all have a favourite T-shirt. One we wear so often that when we turn up to the pub in it, people smile and think to themselves ‘That’s definitely XXX and not a bodysnatcher. A hostile alien could easily replicate those human features but they’d never wear a T-shirt like that.’ Wearing your T-shirt, you’re a unique and powerful force. Like Batman. Or John Humphrys.

    But no matter how much you love your T-shirt and how careful you are around spaghetti bolognese, the act of being used by a human being will slowly destroy it. It’s not your fault. Blame the hard water in your area. Or airborne nanobots. Or your treacherous glands. But your time together will come to an end and you’ll have to part ways. Just like the end of ET.

    But don’t worry, you can always buy another one (stop crying). And the same goes for your Bobble Jug Replacement Filter. When the filter in your Bobble Jug needs replacing, just swap it for one just like it. It takes less time than it does to read this page. And it ends with a refreshing glass of filtered water. Whereas this just ends abruptly.

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