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Bobble Brush
  • Bobble Brush

Bobble Brush

Because beakers are boring

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    Three cool colours

    Do you lie awake at night worrying about the non-bobble-ability of your toothbrush holder? If the answer is no, we can only assume your bristle-headed buddy is already residing in a Bobble Brush.

    Socially developed by our idea-hugging friends at, this funky little toothbrush stand transforms your toothbrush into a wobbling Weeble (kids, get Googling), keeping those all-important bristles away from sink top germs.


    Comes apart for easy cleaning

    Available in three cool colours, Bobble Brush features a weighted rubberised base to prevent it from slipping into the bacteria-littered abyss below (aka the floor), and the whole shebang comes apart for easy cleaning.

    Yes, we realise you could simply pop your toothbrush in a beaker, but that would be boring, not to mention unwobbly. And what fun would that be? Answer: none. Wibbly, wobbly, woo!

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