Boba Fett Mimobot
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Boba Fett Mimobot

Safer than carbonite

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    Protect your data on the move – without the hassle of freezing it in carbonite – with the Boba Fett Mimobot. Based on the galaxy’s most infamous bounty hunter, this 4GB USB memory stick has plenty of room for your reports, spreadsheets, Death Star plans, or pictures of Leia in a golden bikini. Just remove his helmet, plug him in and drag and drop your files. Wait a minute... remove his helmet?!

    Yes, Star Wars fans, with this cartoonified Mimobot you can finally take a look at the grizzled warrior’s physog. Together with his battle-damaged mandalorian armour and that well-known helmet he’s a must for any fan – and he makes the ideal gift for any mercenary warrior you might know.

    But there’s more to this classic character than meets the eye. The Boba Fett Mimobot comes preloaded with all sorts of exclusive Star Wars content (wallpapers, avatars, videos and soundbites) that can be erased or transferred for posterity/disk space. Impressive...

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