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Bob the Builder Construction Sets
  • Bob the Builder Construction Sets

Bob the Builder Construction Sets

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    Trying to find a decent builder can be tricky, so why not slip on your hard hat, shove a pencil behind your ear and do it yourself? It’s easy with Bob the Builder Construction Sets.

    Build It With Bob Construction Sets

    Bob inspects a new shipment of bricks

    Bob inspects a new shipment of bricks

    Perfect for creative kids and infantile adults, these ludicrously addictive playsets allow wannabe brickies and frustrated architects to build mini structures using real bricks and cement. Better still they are approved by kids’ favourite and all round good egg, Bob the Builder. Can we fix it? Yes we can!

    Mix the Mortar

    Bob builds a zig-zag wall

    Bob builds a zig-zag wall

    The idea is to mix the special mortar and construct your wall, house, wishing well or whatever using the mini clay bricks. But here’s the good bit: when you tire of your building you can ‘demolish’ it and start again. Simply plop the whole shebang in water and the mortar dissolves. No wrecking ball required. Before you know it you’ll be working on projects that’ll put Norman Foster to shame.

    Simple instructions

    Blueprints for a zig-zag wall

    Available in two sizes (30 bricks or 50 bricks), each set comes with everything you need to get building, including a mini trowel, mixing bowl, wipe-clean play mat, wooden board and blueprints that show you how to build Bob a house. We’ll even throw in a Bob the Builder figurine to oversee the project/pop to the café for a three hour breakfast/upset the neighbours/disappear for two months on another job.

    Different shape bricks

    Different shape bricks

    Speaking of unscrupulous building practices, older Bob the Builder fans will enjoy creating their very own Grand Designs whilst sitting at work. And you needn’t worry about running out of bricks and mortar because both are available separately. Just make sure you get planning permission from the boss.

    Bob's Clock Tower (50 Brick Set)

    50 Brick Set - Clocktower

    Bob the Builder Construction Sets can be yours for as little as £9.99, and unlike most quotes that includes labour, materials, *ahem* VAT and a quick backhander for the bloke in the timber yard. So get ordering, and in the words of every good builder working in Britain today: ‘Tak możemy!’

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