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Bob Ross Happy Little Puzzles
  • Bob Ross Happy Little Puzzles
  • Bob Ross Happy Little Puzzles
  • Bob Ross Happy Little Puzzles

Bob Ross Happy Little Puzzles

Painter’s solve-nt

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Bob Ross Happy Little Puzzles
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Love it as much as we do?
  • Prepare to feel extremely serene
  • Two 300-piece jigsaw puzzles to solve
  • A hell of a lot easier than learning to paint
  • Make your own happy little masterpieces
  • Includes a book of Bob Ross’s wit and wisdom to inspire you


We didn’t think it was possible for anything to be as calming as sitting down to watch a nice, slow-paced episode of Bob Ross - until we came across this tiny puzzle set.

With two different 300 piece puzzles to complete, this happy little set will keep you entertained for hours as Bob Ross’s stunning artwork appears bit by bit before your very eyes. Get lost in the serene beauty of his North American oil landscapes - they’re even more beautiful up close.

And if you lose one of the pieces, just remember: there are no mistakes, just happy accidents.

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8 Reviews

Average 5/5 stars
  • "Very much appreciated by my Bob loving sister"
    - 22nd of January, 2020
  • "Amazing(if a little small!) Guess the clue was in the description though! My dad definitely loved it and I would recommend to Bob Ross fans"
    - 22nd of January, 2020
  • "My world is in pieces and I'm happy"
    - 20th of January, 2020
  • "Great happy little puzzles, good for just chilling out with Bob Ross on in the background."
    - 13th of January, 2020
  • "such an amazing and quirky gift or a treat for yourself!! this product is both entertaining and inspiring :))) "
    - 6th of January, 2020