Blunt Umbrella
  • Blunt Umbrella

Blunt Umbrella

One in the eye for conventional design

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    cutting edge design

    Safe and strong blunt edges

    We’ve all had a near miss (or not so near a miss) with a passing brolly. The pointy ends always seem determined to prod at least one person in the eye before they’re folded away. Thank goodness then for the Blunt Umbrella, which has revolutionised the way they work and lopped off those dangerous pointy bits in the process.

    Not only does the Blunt Umbrella’s new mechanism make it the safest water-keeper-offer on the market, but it is also easier to use and stronger than conventional designs. This is all down to its radial tension system.

    Available in three colours:
    3 colours available


    Silver Grey

    Aqua Blue

    This is the technology that makes this umbrella so strong

    Telescopic floating ribs

    Through various clever tricks – including double struts and telescopic floating ribs – the Blunt Umbrella spreads any loads evenly across the whole umbrella. This means opening it takes less effort, and also any strong gusts of wind hitting it are absorbed by the whole structure. So handling it in gusty weather is much easier.

    Don't poke other people in the eyes with your borlly anymore

    The perfect size for around town

    What’s more, in rounding the edges the designers have done more than just add corks to the pointy bits. The patented edges increase the durability of the Blunt Umbrella by acting like miniature umbrellas themselves. Fanning out at the ends of the ribs, they distribute the load evenly across the umbrella, making the Blunt less likely to wear out at the ends, like a conventional brolly. Not that this is going to matter when you’re facing down a gale, but you might just avoid a prodding in the eye from the hydrophobic hooligan next to you.

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