Bluetooth Handsfree Clip

    Bluetooth Handsfree Clip

    Wireless handsfree conversation? It's for you-hoo!

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      Faffing around with your mobile phone is one of life's great joys, but it's also one of life's great irritants. Because although mobies allow you to chatter away, anytime and anywhere, they also tie up one hand in the process. So, unless you tuck your phone under a Björn Borg-style headband, performing other pressing tasks mid-conversation becomes nigh on impossible.

      Bluetooth Handsfree clip

      Hands-free happiness

      For this very reason, mobile manufacturers make a variety of headset-style wireless devices that enable users to chatter away without actually holding the old dog and bone. Sadly, most of them are so cumbersome they make the wearer look like a total plank, and are the telephonic equivalent of wearing an anorak emblazoned with train numbers, postage stamps and Blazing Squad song titles.

      Bluetooth Handsfree clip

      Really very small!

      That's exactly why your good friends here at Firebox have been searching for a more discreet way to make handsfree phonecalls whilst on the move. And, in the incredible BTH-638 Bluetooth Clip, we've most definitely found one! This fabulously chic little, no, tiny, Bluetooth clip provides simple wireless connections to Bluetooth-enabled mobiles, and offers unrivalled freedom when making and receiving calls.

      Bluetooth Handsfree clip: headphone button

      Earphone button

      The incredibly comfy earphone features a nifty multifunction button that allows you to answer calls, end calls, make calls, voicedial and retrieve last numbers. It even fits into the minuscule clip when not in use!

      The clip itself is seriously small, weighs only 20 grams and is barely discernible when secured to a lapel or collar. With a range of up to 10 metres from your mobile, the BTH-638 allows you to leave your phone in your bag, say, and chat away while driving, skiiing or playing the drums. Which is nice.

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