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Bluesmart: The World's First Smart Suitcase

Bag To The Future

Product not available at the moment.
  • Quite possibly the best thing we have ever sold
  • Lock and unlock your luggage from your smartphone
  • Features a built-in scale meaning it can weigh itself
  • Yes you heard right this suitcase can weigh itself
  • Features an inbuilt phone/tablet charger
We still can't quite believe our eyes but we're happy to confirm this is not a dream and this product does actually exist.

A glorious team of New York based super humans have concocted this ingenious piece of technology and it's set to be every traveller's best friend.

So, what can you expect from the world's first smart suitcase? Where do we begin...

Once synced (via a free app) to your smartphone you're provided with a darn dazzling array of functions. For example, simply lift the handle and your case weighs itself. Yes. Literally. It weighs itself.

Bluesmart features built-in proximity sensors which lock the suitcase when they detect you've walked away whilst GPS tells you exactly where your bag is should it be re-routed to another flight. Yes, the days of lost luggage are officially behind us.

Should your bag move too far from you, an alarm will sound informing you someone may have pinched it. Our personal fave? Bluesmart has a built in battery that can charge your smartphone and tablet an entire 6 times over AND will fit in almost ALL airline cabins. Wowza.

All hail the 21st century.

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