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Bluelounge Refresh
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Bluelounge Refresh

Bye-bye bulky chargers, hello sleek all-in-one

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    Slim and sleek Refresh Charging Station

    Slim and sleek Refresh Charging Station

    Lay down your wreaths and say your goodbyes – all those bulky chargers littering your home and office are about to bite the dust, thanks to the smashingly sleek Refresh Charging Station.

    The ultimate de-cluttering device for power crazy gadgeteers, the stylish Refresh can charge several oojamiflips simultaneously: from phones and iPods to GPS units and bluetooth headsets. Simply plug ‘em in to the relevant built-in connector and place on the Refresh’s perfectly-angled, removable rubberised tray. As He-Man used to yell: ‘I have the power!’.

    Inside the charging station

    Inside the charging station

    The Refresh boasts six universal connectors, including MicroUSB, MiniUSB, two full-size USB sockets and a couple of iPod/iPhone connectors, so not only is it Apple-friendly and capable of charging two iWhatevers at the same time, it’s compatible with virtually any modern rechargeable gadget – and seeing as you’re perusing this site we’ll assume you have several.

    The MicroUSB socket will charge various new mobile phones, from the likes of Nokia, Samsung and Sanyo. Meanwhile the mini USB works with the BlackBerry, Garmin GPS and Sony Ericsson Walkman phone. Bases covered? Absolutely!

    Fuddy duddies with older mobiles might struggle, but if you’re that behind in the tech stakes you should quit gawping at this newfangled interweb thing and stick to tinkering with your penny farthing.

    Available in white, black and pink

    Available in white, black and pink, the Refresh is one of the best looking multi-chargers we’ve ever seen.

    Available in white, black and pink, the Refresh is one of the best looking multi-chargers we’ve ever seen, and it’s ideal for meeting rooms, desks, kitchen worktops and any surface on which portable gadgets gather. It’s a bit like having a super sleek all-in-one charging unit that does away with the need for bundles of unsightly plugs and cables. Actually it’s exactly like that. Charge!

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