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Bluelounge Milo
  • Bluelounge Milo

Bluelounge Milo

The upright dock with no loss of suction

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    Available in black

    Clever Japanese micro-suction tech holds your smartphone in place

    It’s been a long time since the iMac rewrote the rules on how computers could (and should) look. But their legacy lives on, not least in the familiar curves of the Bluelounge Milo.

    Styled like the sleek, curving stand of Apple’s all-in-one machines, this handy desktop rest is perfectly suited to your iPhone or iPod Touch. Or any smartphone in fact; as long as it has a flat, untextured back.

    Because this innovative stand not only looks the part, it also has a level of technology worthy of Apple’s innovative products. High-tech Japanese micro-suction technology anchors the dock in place on any hard, smooth surface. And likewise, the same technology will hold your Apple gadget. Just press your iPhone to the front plate, hold for a second, and the micro-suction technology will take hold. So no sticky adhesive, finicky clamps or precarious balancing. It’s the easiest and coolest way we’ve found to dock your gadget at any angle.

    Use it as a desktop rest, bedside clock, or kitchen stand. The Bluelounge Milo is easy to use, easy to clean and won’t lose suction over time. How’s that for innovation?

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