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Bluelounge CableClips
  • Bluelounge CableClips

Bluelounge CableClips

Minimise cable clutter

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    Bluelounge CableClips

    Keep cables tidy at work and at home

    Are you drowning in a bird’s nest of unruly cables? Such is modern life, but using rubber bands and twisty ties to organise wires is as ridiculous as using liquorice to bind the garden hose. So why not keep your cables in order with a few Bluelounge CableClips.

    Sleek and minimalist, these stylish clips keep all sizes of cable organised and tangle-free. Ideal for laptop users, earphone wearers, gadget freaks and travellers wishing to avoid finding a twisted spaghetti of cables in their luggage, CableClips hold cables in a convenient, compact bundle that can be partially extended, loop by loop, or completely released. You can even shorten dangling cables while in use.
    Bluelounge CableClips

    Small: Ideal for short or thin cords

    Medium: Ideal for USB & data cords

    Large: Ideal for long power cords

    Bluelounge CableClips

    Never get your cables tangled again

    We realise CableClips aren’t the most thrilling items in the world, but in terms of sheer usefulness they are hard to beat, especially if you’re a fusspot gadgeteer. Slithering, twisted cable clutter? Not any more!

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