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Bluelounge CableBox
  • Bluelounge CableBox

Bluelounge CableBox

Conceal cable clutter

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    Large CableBox fits long extension cables

    Look around your feet. That unsightly spaghetti of cables, transformers and plugs is making your workspace look like a right shambles. So why not do the decent thing and hide the lot in a CableBox.

    This über-stylish tribute to minimalist design is essentially an empty box in which to plonk power bricks, surge protectors, cables and plugs. Use it under your desk, behind the telly or anywhere else cables have got out of control.


    Messy cables

    Tidy CableBox!


    Mini fits powersupplies or two plug extension cables

    Simply chuck everything inside, pop on the lid and you’re done. You don’t even need to untangle the mess or unplug anything. Think of it as the 21st century equivalent of sweeping things under the carpet.

    With rubberised padding to protect floors, and openings at either end to accommodate a main power lead and all your cables, the CableBox is a forehead-slappingly simple way to clear the clutter. One smart box or a jumble of cables and power blocks? You decide!

    Mini with laptop

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