Alternative Christmas Gifts
Alternative Christmas Gifts

Blue Sky Umbrella

Always take the weather with you

Product not available at the moment.
  • Enjoy eternally bright blue skies and light fluffy clouds
  • Alleviate depression on those dark rainy days
  • Smart double lining creates an unassuming black exterior
  • The only umbrella safe enough to open indoors without unleashing years of bad luck.
When dark clouds gather overhead and ceaseless torrential rain begins to pour down upon you, the Blue Sky Umbrella is here to alleviate the inevitable onset of depression and brighten up your day.

At the satisfying press of a button the canopy will open up to reveal beautiful blue skies and fluffy white clouds. What's more, its high-quality double lining gives it an unassuming black exterior so passers-by will have no idea why you're grinning away like it's the first day of summer.

Solid in the hand and appealing to the eye, the Blue Sky Umbrella is the perfect rain shield and a safe sunny haven all rolled into one - you can even open it indoors without unleashing years of bad luck.*

*We're still testing this

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