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Blooming Decorations

‘Tis the season to go eco

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    Blooming decoration on christmas tree

    Decorate your tree...

    Unless they are dangling from a glam rocker’s ears, most Christmas decorations are rather naff. And that’s why they spend most of the year languishing in the loft alongside your faulty Christmas tree lights and Des O’ Connor albums.

    Thankfully Blooming Decorations are here to save the day, and quite possibly the planet, because each one of these sparkly, 100% recycled paper shapes is embedded with annual and perennial wildflower seeds that you can grow indoors or outside.

    Plant the Blooming Decorations

    ...when you're finished with them – plant them...

    The idea is to hang up your Blooming Decorations and enjoy. Then when the festive season’s over, soak them overnight and cover with a thin layer of soil. Before you can say ‘ding dong merrily on high’ you’ll have a gorgeous selection of colourful flowers.

    Yes, we know the whole thing sounds more fanciful than the concept of Santa Claus (sorry kids) but it’s true. When planted, each handmade decoration acts like mulch to retain moisture for the impregnated seeds. Amazing, and we haven’t even been at the brandy butter.


    ...wooo wildflowers!

    With a price tag even Scrooge would approve of, each pack contains ten decorations in five festive shapes. We’ll even throw in ten bits of ribbon to hang them wherever you fancy. They make broken balls and tangled tinsel seem more outdated than Noddy Holder’s sideburns. Even the dyes used to colour the decorations are eco friendly.

    An ideal gift for green fingered treehuggers, or anyone who hates garish baubles and planet-hating foil fancies, Blooming Decorations are all set to grow on you, this Christmas and beyond. Hark!

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