Blood Energy Drink
  • Blood Energy Drink

Blood Energy Drink

Gives you fangs

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    Whether you’re a Twihard, Tru-believer, or plain old Dracula fan drinking the red stuff is all the rage. But going around biting necks and slurping on your loved ones will see you sectioned before you can say ‘I vant to zuck your blad’. That’s why you need Blood Energy Drink.

    Gruesomely amusing, this highly caffeinated 100ml energy potion is packaged in a resealable transfusion-style bag. Mmm… thick, cloudy, nutrient-loaded sustenance!

    Slurp on one of these ultra-realistic sachets in public and you’re liable to get pelted with garlic or chased out of town by an angry torch-wielding mob. Flippin’ humans, eh?

    Unfortunately Blood Energy Drinks won’t make you immortal or help you get off with Anna Paquin/R-Pattz, but at least they’ll satisfy your insatiable blood lust. For now. Mwa-ha-ha! *turns into bat*

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