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Blood Bath Shower Gel

For a B-movie bathroom

Product not available at the moment.
  • Bathe yourself in sweet soapy blood
  • Embrace your repressed inner vampire
  • Looks like bodily fluid, smells like cherries!
Turn your bathtime into a real horror-show with Blood Bath Shower Gel. Styled like a typical hospital IV bag (the kind often seen being drained by Hollywood vampires) this practical prop will turn any bathroom into a B-movie.

Thankfully, the fluid in this particular hanging bag is cherry-scented and makes a lovely bath or shower gel (not to mention a gruesome gift). What’s more, when it runs out you can yell “I need another four litres of O-Neg, stat!” at your other half, just like one of those doctors in Holby. Be careful though- depending on your other half, this could land you in casualty instead.

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