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Block Rocker Bluetooth Speaker
  • Block Rocker Bluetooth Speaker

Block Rocker Bluetooth Speaker

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    close-up of controls

    Take control of the party

    Pairing with virtually any Bluetooth audio device (mobile phones, iPads, Samsung Galaxy tabs, laptops, Macbooks, etc.) the Block Rocker Bluetooth Speaker is a great way to pound out your favourite tunes... whether it's your party or not.

    The latest innovation from soundsmiths Ion Audio, it's perfect for adding a little audio wallop to indoor and outdoor soirees. And not content being a combined amp, PA system and karaoke kit in one; its rock star looks back up the sonic clout too.

    radio controls and antenna

    Built in AM/FM radio

    Connect your Bluetooth device and slot it in the top of the Block Rocker for safe keeping. Or keep hold of your music player and cue tracks from across the room – handy, if you have any rogue Bieber fans wandering about.

    And speaking of wandering about, with recessed wheels and a telescopic handle the Block Rocker will happily trundle around with you (or your roadie). The 12 hour battery life makes it ideal for summer barbecues in the back garden and impromptu all-back-to-mines.

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