Alternative Christmas Gifts
Alternative Christmas Gifts

Bleeding Skull Candle

A fright for sore eyes

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  • Scary skull candle that bleeds out of its eye socket as it burns
  • The perfect blood-soaked centrepiece for your séance
  • An innocent exterior with crimson gore just waiting to spill out
  • The longer it burns the more hideous and bloody it becomes
  • To bleed or not to bleed, that is the question
There's more to this Bleeding Skull Candle than meets the eye. On the outside it's just an unassuming little skull, but on the inside lies a bulbous wax brain just waiting to burst and dribble crimson gore out of his vacant eye holes.

Light the wick atop his pale fractured cranium and as his bleached bone begins to melt, blood oozes slowly from his eye socket and down his well-defined cheek bones. It's bloody marvellous! The longer the skull is left to burn, the bloodier and more horrifying it becomes – so maybe pop him on a plate or tray to catch his sanguine secretions.

It's the perfect blood-soaked centrepiece for your Halloween party, evil spirit summoning, or just a disturbing yet strangely charming romantic night in.

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