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Blaze Laser Bike Light

For a vicious cycle

Product not available at the moment.
  • This virtual cyclist will change your life
  • Projects a beam on the road ahead of your bike
  • Powerful LED and laser projection makes makes you visible
  • Warns other road users of your arrival
  • Waterproof with a USB charged battery
  • Sort of like a bat signal
Hailing from mastermind British designer Emily Brooke, Blaze is going to 100% revolutionise the way you cycle.

This exceptional device combines a light and a laser which projects a green image of a bike onto the ground 5 metres in front of your bike, making drivers who may not see your bike in their blind spot, aware of your presence, whilst also alerting pedestrians about to cross the road.

Unlike the beams of standard bike lights, your Laserlight’s projection is visible from various perspectives, plus the light and laser work independently - so with or without the laser you'll have a 300 lumen LED bike light.

More brownie points: Blaze is waterproof (not just water resistant), diamond cut for a quality finish and built to withstand extreme vibrations and heat fluctuations.

Having come a tremendously long way from its 2012 Kickstarter roots, this life-changing device is a must-have for all road riders.

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