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Blata MiniMoto

    Blata MiniMoto

    Hop aboard a mean miniaturised racing machine.

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      Let's face it, riding a motorbike is seriously cool. In fact, you only need look at a few of history's iron horse-riding heroes - from Barry Sheene to Steve McQueen - to realise that two wheels have always been infinitely more fashionable than four. With this in mind we've been searching for a motorbike range with a twist, and boy have we found it! Blata MiniMotos are perfectly scaled-down replicas of the big boys and, despite their diminutive size, can traverse the tarmac at trouser tarnishing speeds. Best of all, no licence is required!


      Powered by a 39cc 2-stroke petrol engine, these pocket rockets can reach speeds of approximately 35mph, which may sound pretty tame but believe us feels more like 300mph when your backside is just inches from the ground. You'll be wanting to make doubly sure that you are wearing full protection when you get astride one of these mean machines.

      Honda: Stars and Stripes

      Each shrunken superbike is a tribute to the art of mini engineering and the attention to detail throughout is mind-blowing. With a beautifully welded tubular frame clad in race replica bodywork (Ducati 916 or Honda Repsol) you'd be forgiven for thinking MiniMotos were mere models. A quick twist of the throttle should put paid to that particular misconception, as these little babies produce an ear-splitting roar that would give a full-sized racer a run for its money.

      Once you've perfected the art of squatting on board, a quick squeeze of the twist-and-go throttle will propel you forwards at a frankly alarming rate. Thankfully, stopping is equally simple as two handlebar levers operate the incredibly effective front and rear disc brakes. And that's all there is to it because MiniMotos are fully automatic. (Toeing your way through gears this close to the deck would be like trying to play the fiddle with your foot).

      We can't overemphasise the adrenaline pumping thrill of riding a motorbike this small, but judging by the increasing number of race meetings being held at car parks, go-kart circuits and airfields, these tiny powerhouses are going to be huge!

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