BladeRunner II Helicopter
  • BladeRunner II Helicopter

BladeRunner II Helicopter

Take to the skies with this right proper chopper.

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After phenomenal demand we have now unfortunately sold out of BladeRunner II Helicopters. However, Spare Rotor Sets are still available.
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    Now, you too can join luminaries such as Prince Andrew, TC off Magnum and, er, Noel Edmonds by piloting your very own swanky helicopter. Okay, so you won't be able to nip over to St Tropez, harass Higgins in Hawaii or whisk Mr Blobby to his next signing session, but you will be able to take control of a sleek and nifty R/C chopper without having to apply for a mortgage.

    BladeRunner II Helicopter Up until now, R/C helicopters have been either "tricky" to control OR prohibitively expensive. And fiddly controls and thrashing blades have always made indoor 'copter flight a bit of a no-no. And flying an RC chopper in your front room is even sillier than riding a bicycle around the bathroom, isn't it? Well no, because the state-of-the-art BladeRunner II has been specifically designed for indoor use.

    BladeRunner II Helicopter Ingenious counter-rotating co-axial blades give this light but rugged aircraft supreme manoeuvrability, allowing wannabe Jan Michael Vincents (ask your dad) to take-off, land, hover, fly up, down, backwards, forwards, left and right with the greatest of ease. Indeed, the BladeRunner II's stability is truly staggering. Turbulence ahead? We think not!

    BladeRunner II Helicopter The BladeRunner II Helicopter is the finest entry-level chopper we've ever seen, and even the most maladroit wannabe pilot should be able to get this baby off the ground. It's an extraordinarily lightweight (under 50 grams) helicopter that is totally safe and can convert any indoor environment into a cool chopper circuit!. Tetherless and powered by state of the art rechargeable onboard LiPo battery pack, it's perfect for indoor flight.

    BladeRunner II Helicopter Best of all, most homes are crammed with obstacles for you to hone your skills around: landing pads (coffee tables), rainforest canopies (the pot plant in the corner), sweeping canyons (that bit between the sofa and the wall) and perilous mountain terrain (the stairs). And now with the super-bright front search light and green flashing strobe mounted underneath, you can disrupt the darkness in your home and practice your night-time flying tricks.

    The funky-looking BladeRunner II is ready to fly straight out of the box. All you have to do after take-off is fine-tune the torque level via a nifty little trim slider. Once you've found the perfect balance you're ready for aerial manoeuvres.

    BladeRunner Helicopter

    Simply charge it from the mains and you're away. With flight times of between 3-7 minutes after a 20 minute charge you'll soon be completing obstacle-packed circuits of your home or office in no time. And we really mean that, as the BladeRunner II is not some ridiculously- impossible-to-control 'copter. It moves exactly the way you command it to.

    BladeRunner II Helicopter For £60 you're not getting a state of the art, fuel guzzling, iron beast of a 'copter. What you do get is unsurpassable sub-ton flying fun.

    In fact, we're so excited by the BladeRunner II we haven't even had time to make any rubbishy references to its cinematic namesake. Time to fly!

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