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Blade Storage Tower for Xbox 360
  • Blade Storage Tower for Xbox 360

Blade Storage Tower for Xbox 360

Game on, clutter gone

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    Close up of the controllers

    Stores two Xbox controllers

    The only problem with the Xbox 360 is that there are about fifty gazillion games for it. And even if you haven’t got ‘em all (loser!) you’re bound to have more than a few cluttering up your home. So why not keep them organised and satisfy your borderline OCD with the Blade Storage Tower for Xbox 360.

    Styled to complement the all-conquering console, this chic and compact tower will accommodate 38 of your finest games. It even boasts a cut-out section on its ‘roof’ to house two Xbox controllers. True, visitors will accuse you of being a bit of a geek, but at least they’ll know you’re a style-savvy geek. Better still they won’t be tripping over Kinect games or sitting on Mortal Kombat boxes next time you decide to bore them with your latest purchase.

    Sure to impress mums, flatmates, girlfriends and wives, the Blade is compact enough to slip unobtrusively into almost any corner. And if you haven’t got 38 games with which to fill it, you soon will because it looks so much better brimming with boxes. Game on, clutter gone!

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