Blackbird Fly Camera
  • Blackbird Fly Camera

Blackbird Fly Camera

Twin Reflex 35mm Plastic Camera

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    look like a pro while snapping your friends

    Cool top-down viewfinder

    A stylish successor to classic snappers like the Holga and Rolleiflex, the Blackbird Fly Camera brings classic methods to a new generation of photographers.

    Much like its Rolleiflex predecessors, the Blackbird Fly has two objective lenses: one for taking the photograph and the other for a top-down viewfinder. Gaze into the top of the camera to view your image on a matter focusing screen, before taking the photograph. No batteries. No LCD display. Just old-school innovation in a modern shell.


    Each camera comes with a lens cap, strap, square frame mask and operation manual

    top-down viewfinder

    A view from the camera!

    Unlike most Twin Lens Reflex cameras which use tricky-to-find 120mm film format, the Blackbird Fly uses 35mm film, which makes buying new rolls and developing your prints a doddle. But don’t worry that you’ll lose the classic look of photographs by using this format – the Blackbird Fly can shoot in three different formats: Normal 35mm (24mm x 36mm), Square (24mm x 24mm), or Large Square (36mm x 36mm).

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