Summer Sale 2018
Black Tuxedo Morphsuit
  • Black Tuxedo Morphsuit

Black Tuxedo Morphsuit

Leave them shaken and stirred

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    No need to worry about
    doing the bowtie up!

    What is James Bond’s biggest flaw? Besides boozing, womanising and blurting out his actual name when introducing himself? Of course, it's that recognisably handsome face. Watch any Bond movie – you can spot him a mile off. Covert spy? Not on your life!

    Well we’ve found a thoroughly bonkers way around that problem. The Black Tuxedo Morphsuit lets you move through any high class soiree with total anonymity. Sure, you’ll get noticed (especially if you’re cartwheeling) but this all-in-one lycra bodysuit will completely obscure your features. Well... your face, at least.

    Just climb into the Morphsuit, zip it up from the back and you’re ready to go – you don’t even need to do up the bowtie! The thin material lets you see without being seen, breathe easily and even enjoy the odd Martini (straw recommended). In fact, the only thing you’ll need to worry about is where to keep your pistol.

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