Black Mirror
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Black Mirror

A reflection of modern life

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Black Mirror
Love it as much as we do?
  • Finally see the modern world for what it is
  • Or at least all the flaws your phone addiction has given you
  • Discover all the consequences of our neoliberal society
  • Edgy design meets chic with rustic smashed obsidian glass


Fed up of being coddled by your normal mirror? Stop hiding away from the stark reality of our greedy, anxious, judgmental, tech-addicted society and start seeing things how they really are, cavernous pores and all.

This literal Black Mirror allows you to scrutinise the unanticipated effects of technology on your face. Discover new flaws, like your blue light induced eye-bags or your ropey text neck from staring down at your phone all day. Hey, you can’t work on them if you don’t know they’re there!

Stop frowning, you’ll never get any likes on your selfies with that glum expression. “It’s just social media,” you say. “It’s not important.” Didn’t you watch season 3 episode 1?! In the future, clout could be all that matters! Don’t come crying to us when you can’t rent a car because you don’t have enough followers.

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