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Black Diamond iPhone Dock
  • Black Diamond iPhone Dock

Black Diamond iPhone Dock

Gaze into the crystal ball...

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    The app means you can change the colours when you want and it produces a lovely glow


    Forget charging and synching your iPhone from a dreary conventional dock. Now you can juice up your app-tastic gadgets and marvel at a hypnotic, swirling lightshow at the same time with the Black Diamond iPhone Dock.

    Simply launch the accompanying app on your iPhone and slide it into this black crystal ball to begin charging. The app creates a slowly churning colour spectrum on the iPhone screen that becomes warped and refracted across the Black Diamond’s many translucent faces. Oooh, pretty...

    Download the app from iTunes

    Free app controls the look of the dock

    There are plenty of different dynamic colour effects to choose from- just knock or clap near to the dock and it’ll cycle to the next one. Thanks to cleverly-placed channels underneath it, this mysterious plastic sphere will also amplify any sounds produced by the iPhone, making it a handy addition to any desk or bedside table.

    What's more, you can set certain colours to your friend's phone numbers so that you know who's calling without removing your mobile. Now, who's going to be Mr Pink...

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