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Bit Char-G

    Bit Char-G

    The original miniscule bundle of fun

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      There are few things more fun than driving a sports car at the limit round a tortuous, obstacle-ridden course. One of them is racing at three figure speeds against your best mate in a similarly equipped motor and the other, for the fiscally challenged is to burn round the kitchen lino with one of these little fellas.

      Ok, so three figure speeds are optimistic to say the least, but they are quick, and in scale speed terms, who knows? In any case, the Bit Char-G is the Daddy of micro r/c cars, with some owners paying them more attention than their road-going siblings. Bit Char-Gs have customisable engines, gearboxes, and tires, and particularly obsessive owners even take their minute motors to the body shop for a quick respray.

      Bit Char-Gs run for around two minutes from a 45-second charge, with juice supplied by connecting the car to the charging contacts on the remote control unit. They run on four different frequencies, so provided youÂ’ve got four cars and four willing participants, you can stage your very own miniature Le-Mans 24 hours. Bear in mind that your ability to drive the a Char-G diminishes with heavy consumption of alcohol in much the same way as it does with their full-size counterparts, so donÂ’t attempt this unless you're capable of lasting 24 hours without a drop of alcohol passing your lips. This, of course, instantly rules out the entire Firebox team.

      Bit Char-Gs are similar in many respects to Micro Racers, theyÂ’re the same size and are just as fast, but Micro Racers arenÂ’t customisable, hence the higher price of the Char-G.

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