Birdhouse Carpentry Kit
  • Birdhouse Carpentry Kit

Birdhouse Carpentry Kit

Hammer it home

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    Some assembly required!

    Do kids still do woodwork at school? We’re not entirely sure. But even if they do, health, safety and spending cuts have undoubtedly taken their toll: ‘That’s it boys and girls, now bind those twigs and saw up that virtual log.’ So thank goodness for Red Toolbox Kits.

    Designed with little hands in mind, the Birdhouse Carpentry Kit lets kids work together with parents and learn new skills. Materials, screws and nails are included and the idiot-proof instructions mean even the divvy-ist of dads can lend a hand.

    Red Toolbox Kits make brilliant gifts for creative kids whose parents have fallen into the trap of nodding like simpletons as the intricacies of Modern Warfare 2 are explained to them on a daily basis. That’ll be everyone then. Go on, get sawing!

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