BioLogic iPhone Bike Mount
  • BioLogic iPhone Bike Mount

BioLogic iPhone Bike Mount

There’s an Apple on my handlebars!

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    View Maps and your biking stats

    View your maps and
    biking stat apps on the go!

    Forget rubber bands and gaffa tape – if you want to secure your iPod or iPhone to the handlebars of your bike you need the BioLogic iPod Bike Mount.

    This nifty weatherproof case fastens to your stem/handlebars via an adjustable clip, allowing all you would-be Lance Armstrongs to glance at maps, satnav and GPRS apps, or even film where you’re headed, without going for a burton.

    Yes, you can stuff your iPod/iPhone down your cycling shorts but you’ll look pretty silly ferreting around for it on the toepath. More to the point you’ll be riding one-handed – a sure-fire recipe for disaster.

    Flip lid to seal iPhone/iPod in The mount-bracket Rotate the Biologic iPhone Bike Mount

    Flip and seal the iPhone/iPod in

    The mount-bracket

    Rotate for horizontal/vertical viewing

    Silicon interior

    Silicone interior

    As well as its Apple-hugging silicone interior, hard outer shell and touch-sensitive screen guard, the BioLogic rotates for portrait or landscape viewing. Checking out optimum routes, distance covered and the cyclist in front’s backside has never been easier. In fact we think this is the greatest handlebar-related accessory since the bell. And there’s already a ding-dinging app for that. Probably. All aboard!

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