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  • Bilibo


Everything, nothing, and much more in between

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    Bilibo is anything kids want
    it to be

    We all know kids enjoy playing with boxes more than the toys inside. In fact research suggests that non-specific playthings stimulate little minds far more than 'do this, do that' toys. And that's probably why Bilibo is collecting awards left, right and centre.


    Stack 'em up

    This peculiar looking plastic thingamajig is a completely open-ended plaything that stimulates a child's imagination like nothing you've ever seen. Is it a funny hat, a rocking toy, a snow shovel, a water basin, a tunnel, a cradle for teddy, a tortoise shell, a wobbly chair, a mask or a drum? It's all of these things and more. In fact Bilibo is anything kids want it to be. They can even stack 'em and rack 'em.


    What you gawpin' at?

    The 'nothing but everything' design of Bilibo is based on extensive research into the way pre-school children play and interact with objects. Its soft, curvaceous shape tweaks kids' innate curiosity and encourages them to become active and creative instead of consuming ready-made ideas. We just like wearing ours on our heads and using 'em to flick water at the boss.

    Speaking of bigger kids, children will use and interpret this strangely compelling doodah in countless ways depending on their age. The only limit is their imagination.


    So many possibilities!


    Maybe it's a seat?

    Crafted in high density, 100% recyclable polyethylene, Bilibo is virtually indestructible and has been designed for both indoor and outdoor use. We gave a few samples to the kids down at the Firebox crèche and they've been a huge hit. Which is a shame because we'd just discovered Bilibo's make perfect pretend fireman helmets.








    For anyone sitting out there that doesn't quite 'get' the concept of Bilibo, we've got one thing to say: why don't you just switch off your television set and go out and do something less boring instead?

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