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Big Money Poker

    Big Money Poker

    Play poker with funny money

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      There are two kinds of people in this world: those who know how to play poker and those who donÂ’t. Hardly surprising, as any game that involves the potential loss of vast sums of money is unlikely to appeal to newcomers. A shame, because this complex card game is probably one of the most entertaining and buttock-clenchingly tense ways to pass an evening bar watching live coverage of a vasectomy.

      Big Money Poker: Tableau

      Then again, even if you do know how to play, the chances are you're playing the cheapskate version, involving teetering piles of coins, a few buttons and some rusty bottle tops. The point is, not many of us get to play with skyscraping piles of lovely cash. And let's face it, that's half the appeal. With this in mind, we've been on the lookout for a way to play poker like the big boys that doesn't involve robbing a bank, joining the mafia or winning the lottery. And wouldn't you just know it, we've found one.

      Big Money Poker: Casino Grade Cards

      Big Money Poker is exactly that – a sealed pack of casino grade textured playing cards, a rulebook and $15,000 in phoney but highly realistic money. You heard, $15,000! But why dollars instead of Sterling, euros, Rand or Krona? Well, for starters Big Money Poker comes from the good old US of A. But more importantly, who wants to play with a stack of dog-eared fivers and tenners? Dollars remain the denomination of choice for any poker player worth their King Size Cohiba. Can you imagine the likes of Henry Hill, Tony Soprano, Paulie Walnuts and Clint's Man with No Name playing with pounds? Exactly. Dollars equal cigars, Dean Martin and Vegas. Pounds equal roll-ups, Phil Mitchell and the Walford café.

      Big Money Poker: Money

      Even though the money is fake (George Washington winking is a dead giveaway), it's still incredibly satisfying surveying a table loaded with $10,000 in hundreds and $5,000 in fifties. Especially when the cash is on your side of the table! True, the thrill of winning funny money isn't quite as electrifying as getting your mitts on the real stuff, but it certainly adds to the atmosphere, and it could save you from getting your head shoved in a vice, Joe-Pesci- style.

      Big Money Poker: Grab the Cash

      Big Money Poker is a great way to learn the nuances of the game without breaking the bank (or your kneecaps), and we'd say it's a pretty safe bet you'll absolutely love it! Instructions on how to play Five Card Draw are included. (Green visor and Sharon Stone, sadly, are not).

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