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Big Lebowski Talking Jesus Action Figure
  • Big Lebowski Talking Jesus Action Figure

Big Lebowski Talking Jesus Action Figure

You got a date Wednesday, Baby!

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    Few people can stroll into the middle of a movie and casually make off with the entire scene. But in the Big Lebowski there’s a man… there’s a man… well heck. We lost our train of thought.

    Oh yes – we were talking about John Turturro’s scene-stealing, scenery-chewing turn as the Dude’s snake-hipped bowling rival, Jesus Quintana (aka “The Jesus”). In just a few short lines he goes from least-notable to most-quotable; and he’s not even important to the plot! Well, if you can forgive his distinctly shady past and penchant for purple, this bowling ball-licking dynamo can now be yours, in the form of the Big Lebowski Talking Jesus Action Figure.

    Close up


    Speaker on the base

    Speaker on the base

    scale shot

    "The Jesus"

    Standing approximately 8” tall, this exquisitely detailed figure will spout seven of his well-known catchphrases – most of which are so rich with expletives we don’t have enough asterisks to include them here. With real cloth outfit, movie-accurate accessories and various points of articulation, he’s a must-have for any Lebowski fan – and makes a terrifying bowling mascot.

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