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Big Box of American Beer
  • Big Box of American Beer

Big Box of American Beer

Toast your tastebuds

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The contents of The Big Box of British Beer change every 3 months. See current list here.

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    Lifestyle shot

    All the way from the US of A

    “He was a wise man who invented beer” - Plato

    You’re not wrong Plato, old boy, but it was a greedy corporate shill who transformed the glorious amber liquid into commercially produced, tasteless swill. We’ve been suffering in silence ever since. The idea of ready access to a diverse selection of beers, crafted by dedicated brewers, rather than gigantic, evil beer-robots has always been a beautiful pipe dream. Until now.

    Another wise man who enjoyed an occasional tipple, gonzo journalist, Mr Hunter S. Thompson once cried “Good people drink good beer!” (probably while firing a shotgun into the air) either way, the Firebox beer revolutionaries concur. So get excited fellow beer lovers, the future is now. A future where you can have an incredible selection of beers and ales handpicked and delivered to your door. A Big Box of American Beer future.

    Line 'em up...
    This collection is sourced from a number of upstart young firms busy making waves in the US of A and includes an assortment of delicious IPAs, rich Brown Ales and creamy Porters among others. The collection will change regularly based on seasonal considerations and flavour experiments from breweries such as Brooklyn, Anchor Steam, Odell, Sierra Nevada, Goose Island and Flying Dog.

    Knock 'em back...
    Many of these US microbreweries are leading the craft-beer charge and specialise in bold, hoppy beers, absolutely chock full of punchy flavours. So forget that dishwater you’ve got in the fridge and pop open a Big Box of Beer from Firebox.

    You’ll be thanking the ancient Mesopotamians and praising Ninkasi, ancient Goddess of Beer in no time.
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