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  • Bezzerwizzer


Trivia, tactics and trickery

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    Trivia, tactics and trickery!

    Everyone is a know-it-all at heart. That's why quizzes are so popular. But it's rare to find someone who excels in every category. For instance, we could tell you who played Mrs Mangel in Neighbours and which James Bond was in the chorus line of South Pacific. But we wouldn't have a clue what an ishikura is or how many quarks are in a baryon. And that's exactly why Bezzerwizzer is so brilliant.

    Already a smash hit in its native Denmark, this fast-paced game of trivia, tactics and trickery makes other Q&A games seem duller than an episode of Runway (get Googling, kids). Better still it's all about knowing your strengths and weaknesses - and your opponent's - in order to avoid looking like a divvy.


    More clued up on film than geography? Arrange your categories to suit you!

    The idea is to be the first player (or team) to work your way around the board by answering questions plucked from twenty different categories. But here's the good bit: players are allowed to arrange selected categories according to their knowledge. If you know the answer to a question you thought you'd be useless at, you get one point; if you answer one you're confident about, you receive four. Answer your question correctly and you move forward the according number of spaces on the board. A wrong answer means you stay where you are.


    But what's all this Bezzerwizzer business? Well, Bezzerwizzer (Danish for 'know-it-all') tokens give you the chance to score extra points on questions your opponents can't answer. There are two tokens available in each round. First to yell Bezzerwizzer gets to answer. There are also Zwap tokens that let you swap a question with another player during your turn, so you can deliberately wipe out the other player's strong suits and get rid of the questions you don't like. Confused? You won't be because once you start playing you'll realise what a sneaky, strategic and utterly ingenious game this is. Cont...

    As self-appointed quizmasters we reckon Bezzerwizzer is the best trivia-based board game to come along since Trivial Pursuit. In fact, (hold the front page) we think it's better. Sabotage, subterfuge and loads of 'I knew that' questions - what's not to like? Incidentally, we'd love to tell you the answers to the aforementioned questions but seeing as you're reading this on a computer there's really no need. Besides, don't you already know, you bunch of thickos? Game on!

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