BeyerDynamic MMX101 Earphones
  • BeyerDynamic MMX101 Earphones

BeyerDynamic MMX101 Earphones

These buds were made for walking

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    More powerful than they look!

    The BeyerDynamic MMX101 Earphones are proof that big things sometimes come in small packages. Powerful (but tiny) neodymium magnets in each ear bud deliver superb sound, with rich bass and a crisp high end. But let’s not get bogged down with the technical stuff.

    The German-designed MMX101 earphones look and sound the business – which is handy because they’re compatible with both iPhone and Blackberry devices. Perfect for listening to music on your way into the office, or taking important calls on the move. Thanks to the integral remote and microphone this handy pair of earphones lets you skip music tracks and answer calls at the touch of a button. Red braces optional.

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