BeyerDynamic DTX71 Earphones
  • BeyerDynamic DTX71 Earphones

BeyerDynamic DTX71 Earphones

Compact sounds

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    Proof, as if any were needed, that big things can come in small packages, the BeyerDynamic DTX71 Earphones pack a hefty punch. Powerful (but tiny) neodymium magnets in each ear bud deliver superb sound, with rich bass and a crisp high end. But let’s not get bogged down with the technical stuff.

    The German-designed DTX71 earphones look just as good as they sound. Their rugged aluminium housing adds clout to the audio quality while making for a tougher, more robust design. More stylish than their plasticky rivals, these sturdy ear buds are perfect for anyone with an active lifetstyle.

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