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Berlin Boombox
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Berlin Boombox

Fold-up fidelity

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    Instant hipster street cred

    Frustrated with the lack of a really (affordable) and iconic looking stereo for the digital generation, German designer Axel Pfaender decided to create his own.

    Using industrial strength recycled cardboard, and including all the necessary parts, this DIY stereo is ideal for anyone who likes a hands-on approach to their tunes.

    The striking black and white ‘boombox’ design looks excellent straight out of the box, but is wide open for some colourful personalisation. Plus, thanks to the fitted and folded nature of the construction, it's incredibly strong and hard wearing, while remaining lightweight.

    headphone socket

    3.5mm jack fits most music players


    Looks great in the house

    volume detail

    Pulp up the volume

    Arriving flat packed, the Berlin Boombox couldn’t be more portable, or easy to ship. With all pieces pre-cut, and every section secure and sturdy, just follow the simple instructions and you’ll be pumping up the jams in no time. Plus, since it uses a 3.5mm audio input, this badboy is compatible with pretty much everything.

    Unpack, and turn it up.

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