Benji the Interactive Puppy
  • Benji the Interactive Puppy

Benji the Interactive Puppy

Who’s a great dog?

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    Your new best friend

    Electronic pets have come a long way since those golden labrador pups that yipped three times and did a backflip. Don’t remember those? Don’t worry, you’re not missing out. Because now there’s Benji the Interactive Puppy! With more features than you can shake a bit of rope at, this ludicrously cute West Highland Terrier will be every young dog-lover’s best friend.

    Benji can sense movement, so he’ll wag his tail and bark when you come into the room. Not sure what kind of mood he’s in? His moving head, wiggling ears and expressive little eyebrows will tell you straight away. Tickle his chin and he’ll even cock his head to one side. That’s the spot!

    But Benji’s favourite game is tug-of-war. Put the supplied rope in his mouth and he’ll pull against you; making playful growling noises at the same time. When playtime’s over and Benji starts to get tired, he’ll settle down and make contented little snoring noises.

    With all of these features Benji makes a great companion to talk to, love and look after. Perfect if you’re not old enough for a dog, have allergies, or just can’t bear to be near their smelly food! Benji is the next best thing to man’s best friend.

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