Belt Mistletoe
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Belt Mistletoe

Pucker Up

Product not available at the moment.
  • Wield the irresistible power of mistletoe
  • Be an ambassador for heavy petting this Christmas
  • It's the charming and legally binding non-verbal contract
  • HR not included


Made possible by a plethora of adoring fans on Kickstarter; Shed Simove, Comedian Entrepreneur presents this season's must-have crude and crass Christmas accessory – Belt Mistletoe.

In Victorian England, if a fair maiden refused a kiss under the mistletoe she could forget about receiving any marriage proposals for at least a year. Instead she could look forward to her male compatriots scorning her and humorously remarking that she would most likely end up a worthless old hag.

Such is the potency of Mistletoe.

It's a legally binding non-verbal contract. It's borderline entrapment. Everyone must play along. Those are the rules. It's Christmas!

Clip it on your waistband (or someone else's), hats, glasses, bracelets, wherever you fancy an enforced festive Frenchy. It's highly realistic and made from hard-wearing plastic so you can wield its power every single year.

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